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The Elements- Prologue

2010-01-28 20:11:23 by GMoose14

Elements: The Beginning

In the darkest depths of space, where even the light fails I live. Tormented by memories I'd much rather forget I guard my haunt. No being has lived as long as I and none ever will, for I am embedded into the very womb of time. I see none and they do not see me for that is the way things must be, I forever imprisoned will find a way out, no matter the price.

I was imprisoned unjustly for a crime I did not do consciously. What did they expect? They took me from my beloved and brought out the beast within. Did the assume that they would be able to control this amount of power, or did they merely seek their own destruction? Why did I have to be cursed by this wretched power, I can naught but destroy, even those who I most loved feared what I had become.

I assume that they knew that their plan had succeeded but they did not want the people to know. The fear of rebellion was ever present in their minds. They could not realize the full extent of my power and neither could I. With just a simple gesture I destroyed half of my state. Oh how I wished I had fought back when I had the chance, they did not even respect the fact that I was one of the 13 Dominus Domino. I was presented before the other 12 and was held under trial. They unanimously decided that I was to be placed on the Inverter Penalty, which was one of the worst punishments one could receive. It involved the prisoner being launched into what humans call a black hole. Our planet was relatively close to it the distance only being 3 lightyears. Oh how I wish now that I had fought back then!

I cannot begin to describe the insufferable pain I experienced when I felt myself leave this universe. I was stuck in a state of limbo in which nothing else moved except me as I was stretched into the black hole. I have no idea how long it must have been to me, but I do note that I had finally ceased to exist in this universe. I believe that the council must have assumed that I had died when I crossed the event horizon I was dead. Unfortunately for the both of us I was still very much alive, and in fact was able to move fairly easily after a few minutes. I assume that it must have been the nature of my power that prevented me from dying and as such was able to eventually cease the pain. I chose to stay where I was until I became acquainted with my powers.

It has now been a year since I was imprisoned and am on the eve of my escape, soon I will be free and nothing can prevent that, except for the creator, but he has long since abandoned us in pursuit of a planet fit for a being created in his image. Even if the creator has chosen to forget me I will not forget him and I plan to arrive at this place where his image is and destroy it. I plan to escape the next time the star Ruptis passes me.

Even though it was painful beyond belief I struggled to escape the clutches of this black hole, I persevered knowing that in my freedom not only would I avenge myself by destroying my planet, but I would also destroy that for which the creator abandoned us. Many long and painful days of struggling finally rendered me free of the wretched gravity. I Tauros was the only being that had ever escaped the deepest bowels of the universe and was back for my revenge!

The time spent in the black hole changed my powers, it had amplified them and now I knew that I was ready for my revenge. I will pay back those who hurt me threefold. They screamed when they saw me and my power, now they knew the presence of true power and it was horrifyingly unimaginable. No one thought that I would be able to escape and no one knew that upon my arrival the planet was doomed to destruction. Due to my presence upsetting the gravity produced by the planet, it became unstable and relied on me to prevent self-destruction. This I knew and was the reason I left but a few hours after my arrival after collecting the materials needed for my plan.

I had acquired a device that enabled me to seek out other life in the universe and to see their appearance and time of creation. I searched for a few years and finally set out to the Milky Way Galaxy as it is called by the humans. While the planet was lifeless it showed promising signs that the creator had been there. I built up asteroids around myself until I had formed a mass roughly the size of a small planet. I soon broke the light barrier and found myself in what I believe to have been a wormhole, this resulted in me arriving adjacent to the planet known as Earth and collided with it. The impact caused many events which are now considered to have been natural, I was soon buried deep in the crust of this planet (I now know that my asteroid is called Theia in the giant impact hypothesis.). Soon I lay dormant waiting for the day in which I would be released from my new prison. It will be a dark day for the inhabitants of this planet when I arise!

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Learn to fly 5 Points Evolve the vertical movement mutation Medal Stats.
Relentless 25 Points Kill 100 zombies Medal Stats.
Pansy 5 Points Die Medal Stats.
Professional 10 Points Kill 50 zombies Medal Stats.
Bullseye 10 Points Get 10 headshots Medal Stats.
Whiskered Away 5 Points Level Up once. Medal Stats.
Noob 10 Points Kill yourself. Medal Stats.
Giga Golem 10 Points Master the elements. Medal Stats.
Guardian 10 Points Smash up an elite sentry. Medal Stats.
Kitten Kart 10 Points Destroy the cat's mobile fortress. Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 32 (From 8 different games.)